Lucy Trimarco | Sr. interior designer

A really great day is....
 “Hanging out with my husband, sleeping in; taking a huge walk, with many stops along the way. One of the stops has to involve sitting down to share some coffee and a treat!”

If you could visit any place in the world?
”Greenland and Iceland; two cold, magical places with fresh air, midnight sun and Northern Lights!” 

In a quiet moment you grab a book,  movie or music?
Music! Some favorites are: Cyndi Lauper, Ani DiFranco, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Alabama Shakes and ANY Chicago House Music!”

 Places you take people from out of town to let them know you are a Chicagoan?
D’Amato’s Bakery on Grand for pizza and bread, then next door to Bari for sharp provolone and Parma prosciutto, Freddy’s Pizza on 16th St. for anything and Ferrarra for cookies.”

Star Wars or Star Trek, and why?
Both! + Stargate!. A present day wormhole connects time and space, indeed!”
”The people, the collaboration and the passion they express in the work”