crystal vaughn | designer

A really great day is....
 "The perfect day would start with a warm cup of coffee before heading to board a plane en route to a new destination I have yet to visit.  Once back on the ground and checked into a funky boutique hotel, I'd be heading out to explore somewhere off the beaten path.""

Something about you that would surprise us....
"For 14 years I danced and cheered competitively.  I was captain of my high school and competition cheerleading teams and was voted most spirited by my Senior class."

In a quiet moment you grab a book,  movie or music?
"I grab a hot cup of coffee, a blanket and a good "chick-lit" book and head to my back porch.  Mary Kay Andrews, Jane Green, Cecelia Ahem & Sophia Kinsella can turn the three-flats of Chicago that surround my porch into the streets of Dublin and the hum of the "L" train in the distance into the waves washing up on the shores of Mykonos."
Your prized possession is?
" My box of old photos, my childhood teddy bear Marshmellow, and my jewelry box  - which was the last present my grandmother gave me before she passed away."

" Plain and simple, the people.  The architects and designers had a reputation of being some of the nicest in the industry to work with."