Dani Fitzgerald | Principal

A really great day is....
"A really good day starts with sunshine and ends with a glass of wine.  If the sun is shining I can deal with just about anything in the middle!"

Something about you that would surprise us....
"I was the captain of the 5th grade service squad…badge AND a clipboard!  Not sure that’s very  unique or interesting, but it was big stuff in the 5th grade…..I also jumped out of a plane a couple of years ago"

In a quiet moment you grab a book,  movie or music?
"These days I don’t have many quiet moments.  When they present themselves I am happy just being without an agenda "
Your prized possession is?
"It sounds cheesy, but family and friends are my prized possession, they are amazing!" "That and my life size cutout of Captain Kirk!"

"Fitzgerald APD is an extension of what I have been working on for the last 22 years.  It’s been a very good 22 years, and Fitzgerald APD is the opportunity to take it all to the next level!"