Madison Kelly | Designer

A really great day is....
"Includes a run or a bike ride on the lakefront. I've lived here five years, still a favorite."

In a quiet moment you grab a book,  movie or music?
"Music and books; the last album I bought was Among the Grey, by Cheyenne Mize. A book I'd like to add to my collection is by Moshe Safdie, Beyond Habitat. It's out of print though"

Your prized possession is?
"My recipe for the Kelly family classic, Crazy Cake. A cake made without eggs or butter.  Crazy good!"

"I'm a problem solver at heart, it was calculus and physics mixed with an appreciation for design that lead me to the field of architecture.  One of Fitzgerald ADP's main goals is to find the best and most elegant solution, not just the first or easiest.  That is what appeals and excites me about Fitzgerald ADP."