Paco orozco | Project Manager

A really great day is.... A day at the beach with my wife, some friends, our two dogs and some cold beverages!

Something about you that would surprise us.... I really enjoy cooking, I don't keep recipes though, I just go with what feels "right". I've had some failures; but I also surprise myself a few times.

In a quiet moment do you grab a book,  a movie or music? When it's time to relax I would go for a movie, a documentary. A book is a close second; mostly non-fiction.

Your prized possession is? My sketch books; I've had them since 7th grade. I like to go back and look at all the silly ideas and things I have drawn through the years.

Why FITZGERALD APD? FAPD is a firm that truly cares and listens, to clients and employees. Collaboration is not just talked about, it is encouraged it is reflected in the diverse design from project to project.