patrick fitzgerald | Business manager

A really great day is....
"18 holes of golf, watch my son run track then my daughter play volleyball.  That would be a great day."

Something about you that would surprise us....
"I once killed a seagull with a golf ball.  That’s not a brag, but do you know anyone else who has?"

In a quiet moment you grab a book,  movie or music?
"I guess music, I'm learning to play guitar, slowly; but it is a great way to relax."
Your prized possession is?
"Some amazing photos of my first Bruce Springsteen show ; Cobo Hall, Detroit 1977.  I sat second row, center; we snuck in a 35mm camera and zoom lens.  My friend, who is now a professional photographer, got some amazing shots."

"For the opportunity to contribute to the success of this new firm.  My role is to support this talented group of architects and designers, they do what they love, and I do what I love.  It is a great match."